Fermont,  an exceptionnal site to discover the Maginot Line :

    a genuine Fort and a complete Museum.


  Fermont, it's a two-hour journey discovering a genuine artillery fort of the famous Maginot Line with its equipment and armement and understanding the underground organization.

  30 meters underground, thanks to an electric train and walking, you will visit the most representative parts of the fort, in particular the block 4 which is an artillery casemate, the only one possible to visit at this time.

  After, an outside walk will make you discover the other fighting blocks and understand the position of Fermont.

  In front of the ammunition entrance, there is a 1000 mē museum presenting an exceptionnal collection of fortress and campaign materials in situation to show and explain to the visitor their utility and the way it was functionning.

  Among these materials, five retractable cupolas which are totally unique in France.

  Finally, in front of the fort, the Memorial raised to the memory of the fortress troops reminded to everyone that the Maginot Line was undefeated at the armistice of June 1940.